Thursday, December 01, 2005


Today we all 5 went to the health department for our travel immunizations. The kids and I have already been vaccinated for Hepatitis B, so we just needed to be vaccinated for Hepatitis A. Steve, however, had to be vaccinated for both A and B. Everyone did fine, but after a few minutes, Mikaela started to black out. She felt dizzy and said she couldn't see or hear right. I had her sit down and gave her a little drink of water. The nurse made her lay down on a mat on the floor and put her feet up on a garbage can. Her forehead was all clammy and she was as white as a sheet. She was a little embarrassed, but eventually she got some color back in her cheeks so that we could leave. Poor Mikaela! We got to see Michelle, a former neighbor, who works there, and her sister too.

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