Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Home Tour 2015

There are few things I enjoy more than decorating, and decorating during the Christmas season is the best.
This year I thought I would invite you all in for a little peek at our cozy little home all dressed for the holidays.  
Front entryway: 


Back entry:

Living room:

Dining room:


Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our little place.  Built in 1832 by Mr. Harris, one of the founders of our little town, this home was visited several times by Abraham Lincoln before he became President. During his days as a lawyer,  Lincoln represented Mr. Harris and was known to stay at this home while attending court in the area.  

Saturday, December 12, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

With a slight break in tradition, we waited until the Saturday after Thanksgiving to cut our tree.  It was much more pleasant to wait than to brave the driving rain on Friday.  Our usual tree farm was a little on the lame side this year as far as trees available.  Few to choose from, many yellowed, lots of bare places, and most shorter than usual.  We were not deterred.  We took the best short, lop-sided, very bare tree we could almost agree on.  

Our little tree looked marginally better all decorated with lights.  Never mind that no one bothered to hide the cords at all and that I forgot to put on the garland before the ornaments.  But the ornaments...oh the ornaments!  The ornaments made that sad little tree a thing of beauty. 

Candy Advent Calendar

Madrigals 2015

Joseph with the Senior Madrigal performers
Driving with a little holiday style

Friday, November 27, 2015


November is National Adoption month, and a great time to consider the plight of orphans here and around the globe.
As a teen I knew that someday I wanted to adopt.  It wasn't until I reached my thirties with three kids that my dream became a reality.  
During our first adoption journey in 2007, God etched on my heart a deep love for China's orphans.  While visiting an orphanage during our second adoption in 2010, I gazed at all the sweet hopeful faces of the children.  I returned to my life, but I can't forget.  
So many precious souls remain.  What a blessing they could be to some family.  
My prayer is that we might each consider how God might use us to help these children find hope and love and families of their own.  
World Adoption Day

Church blanket making day for foster care

First snowfall of the season

Saidie gets new glasses

Monday, November 02, 2015

October birthdays and Halloween

We have two little princesses that have October birthdays...and just 6 days apart.  
Maimie celebrated her 10th birthday on October 11.  

This year Maimie chose a fall theme.  We hosted a bonfire birthday party for Maimie and several friends the day before her birthday. The weather was beautiful and the girls had fun playing games, making crafts, and eating.   

Saidie turned 8 on October 16, and we celebrated with a Cinderella themed party.  

Saidie enjoyed time with some friends for games, painting, and treats.  


Moon festival outfits

This October, after having driven the suburban for over 10 years, we bought our first new car in over 21 years.  We ordered a 2016 Honda Pilot early in the month and picked it up a week or so later.  What a treat! 


pumpkin carving
This Halloween the girls chose princess costumes.  Maimie picked Pocahontas, while Saidie decided on the new Cinderella.


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

More Celebrations

On August 4, 1990, we were married. 
We were just kids really.  I was only 20.  But here we are twenty-five years and 5 kids later celebrating our silver anniversary. 

 This is the beautiful dining room table that arrived as a surprise for me.  It's big enough for all of us and so gorgeous!

On August 10, we celebrated Joseph's 17th birthday.  

Joe got his driver's license.  3 down, 2 to go.

My birthday was the 13th of August.  School began soon after.  Happily finished with school, Mikaela began her job at Walmart.  Jacob continued to work at Precision and began his sophomore year at Bradley.  Joseph started his senior year of high school.  Maimie and Saidie remained at home for school in grade 4 and grade 2.  

first day of school 2015

In September, Joe invited his friend Kenzie to homecoming.

Klayton, Joe, Kenzie, Chloe

And on September 26, we celebrated Mikaela's 21st birthday.

trip to the zoo