Friday, November 27, 2015


November is National Adoption month, and a great time to consider the plight of orphans here and around the globe.
As a teen I knew that someday I wanted to adopt.  It wasn't until I reached my thirties with three kids that my dream became a reality.  
During our first adoption journey in 2007, God etched on my heart a deep love for China's orphans.  While visiting an orphanage during our second adoption in 2010, I gazed at all the sweet hopeful faces of the children.  I returned to my life, but I can't forget.  
So many precious souls remain.  What a blessing they could be to some family.  
My prayer is that we might each consider how God might use us to help these children find hope and love and families of their own.  
World Adoption Day

Church blanket making day for foster care

First snowfall of the season

Saidie gets new glasses

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