Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mostly March

As always, we celebrated Chinese New Year with a big feast from Fast Dragon.  The girls wore their new Chinese outfits and we decorated the house to celebrate the year of the sheep. 

Although several weeks in March were spent with many of us being sick with colds, we still managed to have some fun.  Mikaela was home for her spring break at the end of February and early March.  Later in March was Jacob's spring break.  On March 5 we celebrated Steven's birthday with a nice steak dinner.  On Pi Day (3.14.15) we made spaghetti pie and strawberry pretzel pie. 

On St. Patrick's Day we drank shamrock shakes, ate reuben sandwiches, and wore our green.  

We spent lots of time making bracelets, putting together puzzles, and making potholders.  I even sewed new covers for our porch cushions. 

On March 20, we travelled to Indiana for Mikaela's Senior Art Show.  She looked beautiful and displayed some lovely art. 

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