Sunday, November 30, 2014

Autumn's activities

Miss Saidie began her piano lessons with Mrs. Imig this fall.  I'm not sure which she loves the most,  playing the piano or visiting with Mrs. Imig. 

The college kids came home for a weekend in September, and we spent some time at Tanner's Orchard.  

Maimie and Saidie took some beginning Karate lessons and loved it.  They couldn't have been more adorable in their little Karate outfits.  

Saidie became our fifth and final child to begin her journey in orthodontics this September.   

On September 26, Mikaela said goodbye to her teen years.  

In October, our two college kids had two different fall breaks, and we celebrated Mikaela's 20th birthday, Maimie's 9th, and Saidie's 7th.

On October 11, Maimie chose a Merida birthday from the movie "Brave".  She invited a fun group of girls and had a lot of fun.  

On October 16, Saidie chose an Elsa birthday from the movie "Frozen".  Saidie invited her best buds and enjoyed her party.  

The girlies chose to dress up as Cleopatra and Elsa for Halloween.  

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Martha Berry said...

y'all have had a lot going on this fall...can you believe it's Christmas already?