Sunday, June 09, 2013

Early June

Summer days have finally arrived.  My flowers have been absolutely beautiful.

The kids are all home from school.  Mikaela is keeping busy with her two online summer classes.  We've been sleeping later in the mornings, staying up later at night, and  enjoying a more leisurely pace in general.  

While the teens have been thrilled with this pace, Maimie and Saidie have been asking to have school again.  Mom is SO needing a break, so I've decided to hold off on the regular curriculum until August.  In the meantime, we are learning our Presidents in order and making flashcards of flags from around the world to learn.  In addition, Saidie is learning to read some simple phonics blends.  

The Turkey Festival was held this weekend.  While we spent a minimal amount of time there, we felt compelled to at least let the little girls ride a few rides.  Maimie and Saidie both had a fabulous time, but Saidie absolutely came to life.  The rougher, the better.  It looks like we have another kiddo that loves to ride the roller coasters.  WooHoo!

Jacob and Joseph both marched in the parade late this afternoon to conclude the festival for another year.


Paige said...

Looks like a great start to the summer... I completely understand the need for a break at this time of year... I am counting down the days for school to be over!

likeschocolate said...

Despite not having school, it looks like you aren't skipping a beat. Have a great summer!