Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Foto Dump

 The robotics season is in full swing.  Jacob and Joseph are rarely home, and we have a pretty good glimpse at what life for our family will look like in just 4 short years.  

The first two weeks of February were pretty heavy on celebrations at our house this year.  On Groundhog Day we made our groundhog loaf and some groundhog cookies:

Then on February 5, we celebrated Maimie's Gotcha Day.  It has been six years since little Guo Zhen was first put in my arms in Nanning, China.  What an incredible blessing she has been to our family, and to most everyone else that has the pleasure of meeting her.  

We ate Chinese food, watched Maimie's China video, and looked through her China book.  When we travelled to China to meet Maimie, we bought several small gifts so that she can open one on each gotcha day.  This year Maimie opened a little bamboo fan with panda bears for her gotcha gift. 

Later, I found the clothes that she was wearing when we met her.  It was sweet looking at how little all of the clothes seemed. 

That Saturday, the girls decided they were ready for pierced ears.  Mom forgot how much trouble it was to clean and twist earrings 2 or 3 times a day for 6 weeks for two little girls. 

But they were so brave and excited!

Chinese New Year arrived on February 10, so we celebrated the year of the snake with Chinese food and candy.

On the 14th, we joined some other homeschoolers at our church for our Valentine's Day party.  What fun!  The kids decorated boxes, played games, ate snacks, and exchanged valentines. 

That evening, in an effort to coax the boys to come home from robotics to eat with us, I made homemade heart-shaped pizza.  We also served cherry juice, heart-shaped jello jigglers, and decorated oreos. 


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Christine said...

I never get tired of seeing what your gang is up to! AND...stealing some of your great mom ideas to do with my little one!