Friday, February 03, 2012

Groundhog Supper

It's that time of year again... Groundhog Day.  Five years ago on Groundhog Day we were boarding a plane bound for China to meet our sweet Maimie.  What a day that was!

Yesterday I had two little helpers to prepare our Groundhog Meal.  After making our traditional "groundhog loaf", we baked some "groundhog cookies".  
(Disclaimer:  No groundhogs were harmed during the making of this meal.)

Later in the evening, Steve, Mikaela, and I watched the movie Groundhog Day.

In other news, Tess is growing by leaps and bounds.  Her weight went from 12 to 16 pounds a week ago.  Judging by how much effort it takes to lug her around, she's probably gained at least another 4 or 5 pounds this week.  She's almost too big to weigh on the old baby scales at this point.  


Paige said...

I forgot all about your amazing groundhog meatloaf! I was going to try it this year.... too much on my mind!

You are one creative mama!

(And your dog is adorable!)

Sharon Froese said...

HAHA!! Beauuuuuutiful family:))

Kristina said...

Groundhog meatloaf! I love it!!!! Hopefully I remember that for next year!