Thursday, January 05, 2012

Welcome 2012!

A new year is always an exciting time full of promise.  This year is no exception.  During 2012: Mikaela will graduate from high school and begin college,  I will celebrate my 25th high school reunion,  and Joseph will enter high school.  I anxiously anticipate all of the events and blessings in store for us this year.

Cleaning up after Christmas
After ringing in 2012, it was time to name the dog who had remained unnamed for over a week.  Truly we did try, but with Mikaela and Jacob away at SVR (youth retreat) from Wednesday until Saturday of last week, there wasn't a lot time together as a family to decide on a name.  Three of the names we picked ended up being names of dogs belonging to family and friends, so those names were out.  The girls and I had really liked one other name, but the guys in the family didn't.  Finally I just wanted to be done with it.  So, I made the call.
And the name is....
It suits her.  

Tess is doing well with crate training and is having very few accidents in the house or in the kennel. Mostly if she's in her kennel she alerts us by whining if she needs to go out to potty; when in the playroom, she starts sniffing and loses interest in toys.  Like most puppies, she's biting like crazy.  We have several chew toys for her and are firm with her about biting people or furniture, but still it continues.  
So far, Tess is learning to kennel up, and I need to begin to teach her to sit and to come.  Maimie loves to help with getting her food, wiping her feet, getting her leash, giving her treats, and brushing her.  Saidie is still cautious, but will sometimes let Tess sit on her lap for a moment or two and pets her if someone is holding Tess.  The older kids have taken Tess out for walks to make her comfortable with her leash and take turns taking her out if they are home.  


Martha said...

Tess is a perfect name. Glad y'all are having fun with your new puppy.

Laura Stuber said...

Monica- I just re-found your blog, and I'm glad I did! Our black lab is named Tess as well, and it's a great name for a dog! Also, nice Advent calendar :-)