Thursday, December 22, 2011

Saidie's first visit with Santa

Maimie 6 years,  Saidie 4 years
No amount of bribing, cajoling, or promises of train rides could persuade Saidie to tolerate Santa long enough for a quick photo.
Actually, big sister Mikaela was also not a fan of Santa.  So, no, it wasn't my first time in the chair, either...

(1995) Mikaela 15 months

(1996) Mikaela 2 years 3 months, Jacob 6 months
Success!!  (1998) Mikaela 4 years, Jacob 2 1/2 years, Joseph 4 months
(2007) Maimie 2 years 2 months

Although we've never taught our kids to believe in Santa, for some reason I have insisted that each one had their photo taken with him.

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Martha said...

I hear ya...we used to do the santa photo thing, but we really don't do Santa claus either...so i quit bothering with the photos with the bearded man...lol