Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So, does this mean I'm finally a teenager?

This morning Maimie asked me, "Am I really six now?" When I assured her that her day had arrived and she was indeed six, her follow up question was, "So, does this mean I'm finally a teenager?"  Yikes...not another one! 

Yesterday we used the Columbus Day holiday in our favor and invited two of Maimie's friends for a little party.  Maimie chose Tangled (Rapunzel) as the theme. 

Saidie, Maimie, Addy, Lily

We played hot potato with a princess crown, popped balloons by sitting on them, and learned to braid Rapunzel's long hair.  The girls ate cupcakes, flower shaped grape jello jigglers, and juice for a snack.  Later they played outside on the swing set, chalked on the driveway, and finished up with party favor bags as parents arrived. 

Tonight we celebrated with Culver's, Rapunzel's tower cake, and gifts before everyone left for their various activities.  We ended the evening with the Tangled movie and one tired and happy little princess. 


water heater said...

wow nice pic friends group...the cute small girl child...

Martha said...

Fun photo and party...she's 6 going on 13! Have a great week!

Paige said...

Happy 6th birthday! Looks like a fun party! And Maimie looks very thrilled with it all... a few more years until she is a teenager, but it will come soon enough!

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