Sunday, October 02, 2011

Last Week

Last week began with a celebration for Mikaela's 17th birthday.  Probably the last birthday (sniff) we'll celebrate with her while she lives at home full time.  After the cabin last Saturday night she invited her friends Selah and Brianna to hang out and watch a movie and eat snacks.  Then on her birthday Monday night we ate Chinese take-out and cupcakes to celebrate.

The middle of last week looked a lot like this:

Then last week ended with Saidie taking a header off a riding toy in the driveway Friday evening as Steven was coming down the road towards home.  She fell flat on her face, twisting both of her top front teeth and chipping the entire corner off of one.  Her teeth were pretty loose and bleeding.  We've fed her soft foods all weekend and have an appointment to take her to the dentist tomorrow.

Too bad I didn't get her birthday photo taken last week...

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Paige said...

Ouch! That sounds painful! I hope they can fix it easily.

And Happy 17th Birthday to Mikaela.