Saturday, July 30, 2011


It's been a week of milestones both big and small for us.  
Jacob had his wisdom teeth removed and did very well.  He chose not to have a photo taken for the occasion.  heh, heh

Maimie and Saidie finished swimming lessons.  And, after 3 attempts, Maimie passed level one.  Saidie needs to grow a few inches to start level one.  
Last, and certainly not least!,  Mikaela bought a cute little Hello Kitty wallet.  And why is that a milestone?  Because it just happens to hold her newly issued driver's license!!!

Today, Mikaela had her first solo flight in the new bug.  She was only driving to work, a few blocks away, but, 
in this mama's throat. 

I was proud of myself.  No ugly cry.  
Of course, there was one moment there...when she began to turn the corner down the road.
Gee, musta gotten something in my eye.
Yeah, that's it.


Martha said...

I hear ya..my daughter just got her learners permit last week...and is begging to get behind the wheel for some "practice".

Paige said...

I can totally relate to seeing your daughter drive off alone! Terrifying! I think our mother's hearts must be constantly in prayer! But good for her... hopefully she doesn't get her first speeding ticket like my lovely daughter did!