Monday, June 06, 2011


For over a week now, today's date has been circled with the word "pigs" written by it.   

Maimie had asked a friend of ours from church when he was getting a new batch of pigs on his hog farm.  Since Maimie doesn't completely understand the concept of time yet, she nearly drove me nuts asking continually if it was pig day yet.  Marking it on the calendar helped a little.

Today Maimie was beside herself in anticipation of Pig Day.  After supper, we headed to Mark and Deb's house with the girlies and the camera.  The girls saw brand new kittens, chickens, three week old pigs, and finally the smallest piggies.  

Saidie, unfortunately, was afraid of the animals and wouldn't touch any of them, including the tiny kittens.  She cried a couple of times, and really wasn't interested in getting too near to anything for a long time.  

Meanwhile, Maimie loved being right in the pens feeding the pigs.  She kept remarking how smooth the pigs felt when she touched them.

Eventually Sarah squeezed a little porker too.  She just couldn't resist!

Shortly before leaving,  Saidie started feeling a little braver...

But not quite brave enough to go in the pen with Maimie.

Before leaving, the girls found Mark's tailless kitten, Earl.  Maimie carried him around like a baby while Saidie petted him.  Maimie said she thought the name Jacob was a much better name for Earl, and told us in the car on the way home that she'd sure love a kitten like Earl of her own.  

Something tells me there is a goldfish in our near future...


Jessica said...

That is so cool! I love Maimie's love for all of it and the anticipation to even get there :) Sounds like Saidie at least warmed up to the kitten at the end? What a great adventure.

Anonymous said...

Glad Maimie enjoyed all the farm babies! Looks like maybe she has a calling as a "Vet"! Maybe next year Saidie will enjoy them a bit more!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

Paige said...

Sounds like something I would say... you want a cat, we'll get a goldfish! Poor sweet Sadie, that last picture is so sad! Zoe would react the same way with animals.