Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mother's Day

In honor of Mother's Day,  I decided to share some old photos.  The first one is my mom (with my dad and me):
December 1969
This photo was taken on my first Mother's Day:
Mother's Day 1995
I am honored to be called mom by five little souls.  I met each of my oldest three children in hospital rooms on the days of their births. 
Mikaela - September 1994
Jacob - June 1996
Joseph - August 1998
My youngest two children I met later in their lives in two different Civil Affairs offices, one in southern China and one in northern China. 
Maimie - February 2007
Saidie - December 2010
I still find it amazing how being a mom has made my life and my heart so full.  With each new child I wondered if I had enough love for one more and God multiplied my love to overflowing each time.

Being mom to Mikaela, Jacob, Joseph, Maimie, and Saidie has been my greatest joy, privilege, and blessing.  

Sunday Snapshot


Paige said...

Happy Mother's Day. I hope you have a great day today with all your children.

Cedar said...

What a beautiful family! Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to the Best Daughter! You are a wonderful Mom to your 5 beautiful children! It is amazing to think it all started in 1969! Seems like such a short time ago! We are so blessed!
In Christian Love,
Mom & Dad (Grandma & Grandpa)

Martha said...

sweet post! happy moms day

5ennie said...

Your family is beautiful! Happy Mother's Day <3

Vivian said...

Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you had a fantastic Mother's day. Your family is beautiful!

Serving the King said...

Sniff-sob-sniffle. That was beautiful my friend! Happy Mothers Day to you!

Tina Michelle said...

Beautifully written and great photos! Thanks for sharing!

moamoa said...

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