Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Overview

I love this photo of my five favorite blessings!  All eyes were open and not a single kiddo keeled over from color-coordinating.  Amazing.
Too bad I focused so much on the photos that I forgot to put our lunch in the oven before leaving for church.  Ah, yes.  Good times.

This year was Saidie's first year to join in on our Easter traditions.

Saidie really enjoyed egg coloring. Twenty-two eggs (assuming two would crack that didn't), 5 cups of egg coloring, a box of crayons, lots of newspapers, two paint shirts, and 5 tiny sponge paint rollers and nearly two hours later, we had finished.  None of the kids will actually eat hardboiled eggs, but they all enjoyed being egg artists.

With the beautiful weekend weather, we hunted eggs outside this year. 

The two older kids hid eggs and the three younger kids hunted. 

Another tradition we enjoy is reading the book, Benjamin's Box while opening our homemade Resurrection eggs.  Saidie couldn't hold still for a second and kept touching the egg carton. After I moved it out of her reach, she nudged it with her foot.  Maimie, on the other, was listening intently.  When Steve read about Jesus having the nails in his hands and feet, Maimie was upset.  She just kept saying, "Oh, that's just terrible... poor Jesus."  

Sunday Snapshot


Martha said...

sweet photos

Paige said...

Looks like a great Easter. Isn't is awesome to watch them experience all these "firsts"?

sunflowermom said...

Beautiful pictures and enjoyed the blog so much. Glad things are going well.

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Great photos of the kids at Easter!Looks like you outdid yourself in color-coordinating this year. Love the color combinations! Sounds like Maimie is really starting to understand about Jesus!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa