Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home Two Months

I noticed today when signing a consent form at the doctor's office that two months ago we arrived home from China with Miss Saidie.  Funny how much she has changed.  She was mostly only responding to being called Jia Wen at that point and didn't understand much of what we said to her.

Saidie has been really blossoming in the past two months.  We are starting to see a huge increase in her understanding of what is said as well as her ability to respond.  She is using English words for many things now.  She will often use signs while verbalizing.  She is also learning to use please and thank you.  Saidie says "bless you" if anyone sneezes or coughs, asks for candy about 10 times a day, and tattles on Maimie about 50 times a day.  She lights up when it's time for a bath or time to dress and fix her hair.  She enjoys dress up, puzzles, lacing cards, baby dolls, folding laundry, cooking, reading books, Chinese children's songs, stroller rides, legos, playing in the tent, jumping, playing rice and beans, making bracelets, playdough, painting, and stickers.  Saidie is happy, fun, loud, goofy, busy, and sometimes stubborn.  She's a pretty typical toddler.  We are enjoying having her in our family so much.

Today we attempted the ear doctor for the second time.  I have been giving Saidie ear drops twice a day for a week in order to ease the removal of the impacted wax.  Let's just say it was a disaster.  Our next step is to take her to the hospital for the cleaning.  She will be sedated and an audiologist will also be present to more fully check her hearing with electrodes after the cleaning.  Then, while she is still sedated tubes will be placed in her ears if needed.  Apparently the doctor has some concerns about whether or not the ear drum, eustachian tube and inner ear have all fully developped due to her facial clefting. The doctor also mentioned the possibility of hearing aids if the results aren't favorable.  It was a lot to digest, and I'm not looking forward to this procedure.  And yet, it will be good to have a true assessment of Saidie's hearing.  I'm comforted to realize that God already knows the answers and holds little Saidie in the palm of His hand. 

This video catches Saidie singing one of her little Chinese children's songs.  Wish we could translate this.


sunnycalgirl said...

Thank you for the wonderful update! The song sounds like Oh My Darling Clementine..

Anonymous said...

Glad Saidie is fitting in so well with the family and starting to understand and verbalize in English. Certainly enjoyed her little song--reminded us of when she was singing at Christmas.
Will keep you all in prayer about her procedure to remove the wax and possibly insert tubes.
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

Paige said...

That is some great singing! I like that she doesn't even look at you while you are taping her!

I hope the doctors have good news for her and that just cleaning out her ears will improve her hearing. Not fun... but it will be good to have answers.

She sounds like she has a very similar personality to our Lilah!

ioanna said...

she looks so happy and healthy! she is a very lucky baby! The song sounds like Oh My Darling Clementine but sweeter!! i hope that she'll be allright! ^_^

Anonymous said...

It does sound like Oh My Darling, Clementine! I will send the post to Jonathan and ask if he can listen and translate, or get someone else to hear it as well.
So much fun!! and we will keep her and you in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie. I sent a link to the post to Beverly to see if she is familiar with the song, and told her to get in touch with Mikaela if she can translate it. I agree on the tune with the others, it's definitely "Clementine" but who knows if it's that in China!

Lisa S