Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Gift within our Gift

Looking at our photo book on foster mom and dad's bed

Many months ago we sent a care package to Jia Wen at the Shenyang orphanage.  There were a few things in that care package:  a cloth book filled with photos of our family, two boxes of almond cookies, a letter we had translated into mandarin, and a disposable camera.

eating the almond cookies we sent

Sharing cookies with foster brothers

We knew Jia Wen was given the care package because we received the photo book, translated note, and the disposable camera on gotcha day.   Today, I picked up the developed package of film.  What a gift for us.
family photo

Looks like Mama can really cook!

I would imagine it will be very dear some day to Saidie.  I am putting the photos into the new photo book that I made for Saidie before we left for China.  It's just a little flip photo book with photos of her orphanage, her friends, and even the few photos I had of Shen Jia Wen.  She carries it around with her and sometimes pushes it in the doll stroller through the house. Now she will have even more photos to help her remember her foster family and to calm her in the difficult months ahead as she transitions into our family. 

A few of the photos are somewhat poor quality or basically duplicate to one of the others, so I have not included every one.  But I wanted to share all of the beautiful photos that would fit here. 

Out for a stroll on the orphanage complex with foster brothers and sister

Sitting on her bed


Paige said...

What an amazing gift! How special for her to always have these photos and for you to have a glimpse into her life before she came to you.

Anonymous said...

Priceless photos! Was wondering yesterday if you had gotten the camera from her care package! What a wonderful treasure for Saidie! Such great smiles in the photos! Happy little girl!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

sunnycalgirl said...

It looks like it was a happy home and I am sure she is missing some aspects of it..

Lisa S said...

Oh Monica, what an amazing gift for Saidie. Getting a glimpse into her life with the foster family brings tears to my eyes. What a very special piece of her life's puzzle to have.

Anonymous said...

So cute! I laughed out loud when I saw the pics with the V sign even with these little ones!! What is the deal with that? Who would have thought?
Looks like she will enjoy the play equipment when it is warm enough :)

Hope each day has one bright moment in it to get you through.


Serving the King said...

Wow that is incredible! Looks like foster mom really had it together and that those kiddos are being loved while they wait. What an incredible gift!