Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's official!

Today we officially became Jia Wen's parents.  We have had a few meltdowns and one occurred at the Civil Affairs building today.  The man told her she needed to put her hand in the red ink to give a handprint and she was not interested.  Steve was holding her at that point and she pulled her hand away and cried and fought.  Mrs. Tan (?) knew of her and helped her.  Jia Wen really liked this kind lady.  Mrs. Tan told us she remembered seeing Jia Wen's finding ad and knew of her.  She said that within the orphanage, Jia Wen lived in a kind of foster family with 3 other children.  Apparently there is a nice retired couple who lives at the orphanage and takes care of Jia Wen and the other 3 children. 

As we talked in the van about the couple,  Jia Wen heard and got sad again. After the notarization process, we traveled to the police station in order to apply for Jia Wen's passport.  Grace found out that the passport would normally not be ready until the 23rd.  However, Mrs. Tan will "negotiate" for an expedited passport.  Until we receive the passport, we cannot leave this province and apply for the visa in Guangzhou.  

Later we rode to the Carrefour.  We picked up some snacks to save some money on eating out.  While we were there we took a few photos and then found out we weren't really supposed to use the cameras inside.  Oh, well, enjoy it anyway.



Anonymous said...

Great post. Yea! Tim and I laughed about the Carrefour photo!! We have many many stories about...what's going on over there?! Maybe today it was a good deal on underwear, or oysters, or who knows's what? Eels?? :)

We will pray for a good outcome on the expediting. It is good to have friends in unexpected places when you are so far away from familiar.

The Kochs

Anonymous said...

Remember the sweater Saidie had on in the photos from the orphanage with the British flag? Maybe she has more "Johnny Bull" in her than you might want!!! Also, Steve might not be so opposed to going to Walmart after going through Carrefore! Hope you guys are able to stay warm and healthy until you get to the White Swan! Love you! Praying for the passport to be expedited!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa