Friday, December 03, 2010

Big girl beds

We're making lots of progress in the preparations for travel.  Our small suitcase is fully packed, and one of the two large cases is nearly full.  Our short sleeves for the southern province and all the orphanage gifts are safely tucked away. Everything else is ready to be packed except our heavier clothes for the northern provinces.  

Last night we managed to get the bed frames and mattresses put up in the little girls' room.  There are fresh new sheets and pretty new quilts to snuggle in.  Maimie must have thanked us a million times for her new big girl bed.  And then came the biggest thank you of all, as she peacefully slept the night away in her new bed.  Probably dreaming about all the fun she'll soon be having sharing a room with little Saidie.  

Tonight we spent the evening watching the new Christmas Carol movie by the light of the Christmas tree as the first snowfall drifted down outside.  What a fitting way to begin our last weekend before leaving for China. 


Anonymous said...

Love the new beds and linens! So glad Maimie slept the night through. Won't it be so cute to get a photo of Maimie and Saidie in their beds! Looks like Joseph and Maimie had a good time in the snow! Can you believe we didn't get one flake? Glad you enjoyed the Christmas Carol by Christmas tree light!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

Paige said...

The bedroom is adorable... I have the fleece blanket that matches that set for Zoe. I bet you can hardly wait to see two of them asleep in there!

Martha said...

love the big girl quilts! So pretty!

Lisa said...

I love the bedding for your girls' beds! Ava loves polka dots...weear did you get them? I have been looking everywhere for pink/brown.

Serving the King said...

Your last weekend before leaving!!!!! Wooo-Hooooo!!! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! Ya better blog your booty off while you are over there! I want details!!! :)