Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mikaela-September 26, 1994

Mikaela- 6 months

My Halloween due date was over a month away.  We had just barely finished the nursery.  On Sunday the 25th of September, I had a hard time getting ready for church.  Even my giant maternity clothes were getting too tight.  I ended up finding stretch pants and a sweater, but couldn't get my shoes to fit at all.  My feet were so swollen, I just wore socks.  I had been having contractions on and off for days and just felt miserable.  After church I slept all afternoon on the couch, all evening I kept having contractions and an upset stomach.  Early Monday morning (September 26), I woke up before Steve left for work.  I asked him not to go to work since I felt my water break a little.  I was already scheduled for a normal checkup that morning, so the doctor said to come in then.

Mikaela- 2 months
I was afraid to eat anything for breakfast, so I showered and dressed.  The doctor said I needed to be admitted to the hospital, but that the baby might not be ready yet.  We decided not to tell anyone we were at the hospital until we had more news.  In the early afternoon the baby started showing some late decelerations and needed a scalp monitor.  As the nurse applied the monitor, she knicked the amniotic sac and my water broke everywhere.  After that, the contractions were much harder and closer together.  I had asked for an epidural, but apparently wasn't far enough along until right before I was ready to deliver.  Once the epidural was in and I could lay back down, it was go time.  I was worried about Steve, because he had told me he didn't want to see what was "going on" and wanted to remain up by my head.  But things started getting hectic in the room with the baby's monitor, and the nurse pushed Steve out of the way to help me breathe, and he ended up right behind the doctor, poor guy.

Mikaela's hospital photo -2 days old
Unfortunately for me, the baby was born before I had a chance to feel the effects of the epidural's test dose.  Mikaela Victoria Beth was born a few minutes before 4pm, weighing only 5lbs. 8oz.  It seemed to take forever before she cried.  But what a lovely little cry it was. Mikaela had big blue eyes, light brownish blond hair, and long fingers.  Her sweet little nose was all smushed to one side and her left foot was bent up towards her leg.  But to me, she was the most beautiful baby in the world.   Steve accompanied Mikaela to the nursery, and within the hour I was up walking the hall feeling great (thanks to the epidural that finally took effect).

So that's the story of Mikaela's birth.  And now it's been 16 years with our little Mikaela.  Mikaela has always been a caring, sweet-spirited, creative, bright child.  She is such a precious part of our family.
Happy Sweet Sixteen, Mikaela!

Ni Hao Y'all


Paige said...

16 years! They do grow up way too fast... I like the first picture with the sunflower outfit... my daughter had sunflower outfits too! Precious story...

Anonymous said...

Will never forget the phone call I received at work from Steve telling me I was a grandma! What a pleasant surprise. Hurried home to pick up grandpa and off we were to the hospital. Mikaela was so tiny and beautiful! What a privilege to have her named for both of us! She is definitely a beautiful girl inside and out! What a privilege to have such a wonderful first granddaughter. She is a great example to her brothers and little sister (soon to be sisters). Happy Birthday, Mikaela! We love you!
P.S. The photo of Mikaela in the long white slip is still my favorite! She wasn't going to smile for anything!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

Angela said...

What a wonderful day to be born on!! I couldn't believe it when I got the call. Hope you had a great sweet sixteen birthday!!