Monday, August 23, 2010

It's hip to be square

Since I haven't posted any new squares in awhile, I'm going to play catch up.  We now have seven new squares and wishes to share. 

#12:  This cute star fabric and wish are from my great Aunt Eunice.

#13: This next square and wish are from Dianne, a family friend and neighbor of mine growing up.  Her fabric contains a cute Disney quote:

#14: The next wish and square feature an adorable little pink heart print from Dianne's daughter, Carla and granddaughter, Madison.  

#15: This pretty square and wish are from another of my great aunts, aunt "Billy".

#16: Matt, Paula (my nursing school roomie and one of my bridesmaids), and their boys Nate and Jack contributed this beautiful plaid square and wish.

#17: This lovely patchwork fabric and wish were sent by Kelly and Wanda, family friends who have known Steven since he was a little boy. 

#18: A sweet couple from our church, "Jug" and LaDonna, sent this adorable little Curious George square and wish.

It certainly has been fun seeing which fabric each person or family chooses and then reading their touching wishes.  What a great quilt this is shaping up to be!

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Paige said...

I can hardly wait to see this quilt...

Our agency emailed to tell us our LSC was sent out August 22nd and is on it's way!