Monday, July 05, 2010

Nesting and News

Maimie's rainbow pedicure

It's been a busy week of some heavy duty nesting. I managed to paint our bedroom and hallway, organize the hall closet, organize the linen cabinet, organize and file all of Maimie's old adoption paperwork, and thoroughly clean my bedroom and move the furniture around. Amidst all of this, I filled out all of the adoption paperwork for our upcoming USCIS application, visa application, travel information, etc. We also had swimming lessons, piano lessons, kicked off football practice, and managed to swim most every day.

What a wonderful surprise we received this week. Cori emailed me with an update on our little pumpkin. Here are some of the highlights:

**She loves to learn and do things very carefully. When she hears praise, she would laugh happily. She loves dance. She likes to move her body to music. She is very bright and has learned numbers and animal names. She likes to play games with other children. Sometimes she takes care of other little children. Teachers and caregivers all love her very much.

**She likes biscuits and fruit, is fond of listening to music, gets along well with others, and has a ready smile.

I'm just aching to smooch those little cheeks and squeeze her stuffing out! Come on LSC!

I took some photos of Mikaela this week in the yard so I could play with different lighting. I've included some of my favorites.

Ni Hao Y'all


Paige said...

The first picture of your daughter is beautiful. She is a gorgeous girl! Nesting... I understand! We have been moving bedrooms around and now I need to order twin beds and paint their new room! It is all so exciting. Your newest addition sounds like a little mother and full of joy! I can hardly wait for you to post pictures of her... and I really hope we will meet up in China!

sunnycalgirl said...

You are a busy mom and updates on your little one are sweet.. we are empty-nesters so it is quiet around here,but not dull Lol! it's fun to hear of your journey in mother-hood...

Serving the King said...

What a cute post! And thanks for the heads up about the I-800 paperwork that needs to be readied! I hadn't yet thought of doing that. Sheesh! We were DTC last Friday...does the paperwork ever stop?!!! :)

Dana said...

This all sounds soooo familiar! Thanks for sharing the details, I love hearing every one. Each step one step closer.........God is amazing and adoption is such a wild ride!

The Tremont Scott's said...

What a wonderful update! She is going to bring so much joy!!

Don't know if I told you already, but Drew leaves for Beijing this Sunday! He is doing a 6 week language program at Beijing Language & Culture University! It reminded me when you mentioned your visa applications, when we submitted his a few weeks ago, there was an unexpected and unannounced fee change of $10 for visa applications, so it's now $140! Just in case, didn't want yours to be held up over that!

Can't wait to see your precious girl once you have all of the approval in line and can share!

Stefanie said...

Oh... updates are the BEST! I bet you're just aching to get your arms around your new daughter :)
Hope you get that LSC SOON!!
Lovely pictures, too :)