Saturday, October 11, 2008

Make a Wish!

We've had a very pink, very frilly weekend here. Maimie turned 3 today and chose Disney princesses for her party theme. I think I know some big brothers who are sooooo ready to go to the football game tomorrow afternoon! They were great sports, actually.
Late Friday afternoon, we took Maimie to the Build-a-bear Workshop at the mall. It was Mikaela's idea, and- wow!- was it ever a hit. When Maimie chose her animal, it was a close race between the monkey and the panda bear. With several monkeys already at home, she ended up with an adorable panda. She loved stepping on the pedal to fill it with stuffing, adding the heart, and most of all cleaning her panda.

Next, Panda was fitted with a Disney princess t-shirt and denim skirt. Mikaela, Jacob, and Joseph helped make a birth certificate on the computer.

Maimie really seemed to enjoy the experience. She insisted on carrying both Panda and her box house all the way out of the mall.

Friday night marked the first night spent in the new bed. Gee, it only took me until her third birthday to finally pull the trigger and take down the crib. Most of our older kids were in a twin bed at around 18 months and all before age 2.

Maimie was very excited about her little toddler bed and played on it before bedtime. I feared she would not stay in the bed since she was able to get out, but she lay down and fell asleep soon after without a peep.

Saturday was Maimie's estimated birthdate. After breakfast we went to Apple Blossom Farm for a couple of hours. We broke with tradition to try out the Farm. Normally Tanner's Orchard is our destination once each fall. Maimie enjoyed playing on the playground equipment, the older kids tried their hands at mining, and then we all ate apple cider doughnuts and drank cider slushies. Probably not the most nutritious lunch, but I didn't hear any complaints!
This evening Grandpa and Grandma joined us for Chinese food, ice cream and castle cake.

We had a couple of little party games for Maimie to play before opening her presents. Later in the evening we viewed some of our videos and photos from our trip to China.

It's been very humbling for me today to realize how blessed we are to be Maimie's family. We have the privilege of watching her change and grow, of spending her birthdays and all other days with her, of hearing her little voice when she tells us she loves us, of seeing her beautiful smile, of feeling her little arms wrap around our necks. I'm so thankful to her China parents for bringing her into the world. I'm forever indebted to them that she is in my life now. I wish they could see her, touch her, know that she is happy and healthy and cherished.


Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Miss Maimie! We always count it a blessing when we help each of the grandchildren celebrate their birthdays. They seem to be growing up way too quickly which means we are growing older much too quickly! Maimie was really adorable when she came up the steps to greet us with her princess shirt, jewelry and of course her tiara! She was really "into" her birthday. Great food, great dessert, and of course great company and we especially enjoyed the photos from China and to see how much she has grown and changed in such a short time. God bless each of you.
In Christian Love,
Grandpa & Grandma

Jeff and Amy said...

Happy Birthday sweet Maimie!!!!!!!!!!!! (((HUGS)))) Looks like you had a very fun filled birthday, your such a precious little girl, a princess indeed :)

A 5 time mom said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Maimie! It looks like you all had a wonderful time celebrating. How totally fun for all of you. Love your pictures. You really seemed to catch her personality.

Blessings, Beckie

Jennifer said...

She is just adorable! Looks like she had a wonderful birthday! What a beautiful little one!