Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July Fun

July has been a whirl of activities and fun for us. We began organizing and cleaning out the garage--mostly on weekends. At one point during the "cleaning", I ran in and grabbed my camera to catch this shot.

Some of the hot, humid afternoons have been spent in the backyard pool. We have also read library books, picnicked on the lawn, watched movies, and played games. Then during the evenings we have played yard games, enjoyed a family walk, or gone swimming. Maimie has really taken to the water this year. She wears a tube and kicks all around. She even puts her little face in the water.

For the last two weeks, the kids have been attending College for Kids classes. We let each of them choose a class. Well, that's not really true. We tried to let them each choose a class, but eventually steering became necessary. Joseph wanted to attend a class called "The art of clowning". Although Joseph could probably teach this class, we convinced him that "junk box science" would be a much better choice. Mikaela's first class is a mix of Chinese language and culture. As an 8th grade promotion gift, we allowed Mikaela to also attend the portrait drawing class. Rocketry was Jacob's preference. As you can see from the photos, Jacob was inspired to build a PVC rocket launcher with help from Dad and Joseph. The launcher hooks to our air compressor and shoots off paper rockets twice as high as our house. They have enjoyed many successful and unsuccessful launches this week.

Finally, I had to post this last photo of little Miss Maimie's foot. I love how it's so wrinkly from being in the pool too long. Don't you just want to kiss it?!! Me, too!

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Anonymous said...

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!! Sounds like all have had a wonderful summer so far. Loved the photos!! Always so much variety in your daily lives--memories and traditions the kids will remember and probably keep for their families too.
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa