Monday, June 16, 2008


Today was, umm, slightly less than fun. Not to be a complainer, but wow are we burnt! Wearing clothes is painful for some, wearing shoes is painful for others, but all of us are feeling "the burn". Mostly the kids are fine because we are slathering them with lots of sunblock.

Mommy and Daddy are alternating solarcaine and ibuprofen. We may just shop tomorrow and stay out of the sun. We did manage to eat at a fun restaurant today called Fudpuckers.

The atmosphere was great for the kids. There was graffiti everywhere and a baby gator pond where the kids fed the gators from fishing poles.

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Anonymous said...

We are beginning to wonder if "Mommy" Monica is really in Florida or not!!! Haven't seen a photo of you yet!!! Glad everyone is having a good time in spite of the sunburns. Glad the kids are experiencing such neat new things every day!!! Sounds like there are a lot of different cool eating places you have been going to!! Really enjoy the photos and the updates. Hopefully the ibuprophen and solarcaine will work quickly to relieve the sunburns! Looking forward to hearing all about your vacation when you get home. A good shopping day should help tomorrow!!!!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa