Wednesday, May 28, 2008

School Days

Okay, it doesn't seem possible, but my baby is going to be in high school next fall. I've been in denial for quite some time, but it's official now. We attended the 8th grade promotion last week.
Mikaela finished middle school with high honors and gave the opening prayer at the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we had a small celebration of flavored cheesecakes, raspberry punch, and chex mix. We're proud of you, Mikaela!

(Notice the dress didn't last long)

This week Joseph's 4th grade class performed a play about Paul Bunyan. Joseph played "Logger #6" with his usual flair. All of the kids did such a nice job, and Maimie and I enjoyed the afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Ok, now we really feel old. Seems like just yesterday we got the call from Steve letting us know we were grandparents for the first time!!! Mikaela is such a beautiful young lady (inside and out). We are very proud of her and so impressed with the opening prayer she gave. We had a great time attending the graduation and the party afterward.
Joseph really looks like a lumberjack!!!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

A 5 time mom said...

Congratulations to Mikaela.....Allie starts HS too. Where did all the years go? I can't believe in 4 short years, we will only have Lana at home with us.

Best to you and your family.

Jeff and Amy said...

I am sure you are so proud, Mikaela is such a beautiful young lady. Definatley goes by way too fast!!!