Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today is Daddy's birthday (45), and unfortunately, he's away all week on a business trip in Colorado. So, the celebration is on hold.

Being very musical, Maimie is beginning to join in singing more lately. It's so fun to watch her do the motions and try to sing to "Jesus Loves Me", "Deep and Wide", and "Away in a Manger", among others. Of course, she loves to dance around all the while. Steve and the older kids often sing the song from "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" (You know the one that goes "Heave, ho, all together now..."). Maimie belts out the "heave, ho" part at the top of her lungs. It seems a bit odd coming from such a tiny little body.
Maimie also insists on helping herself with dressing and undressing. Often she is seen with her pants on backwards or her shirt inside out and backwards (with the tag sticking out under her chin). It's such a hoot to watch her put her little underpants back on after going potty. Sometimes she comes walking out stiffly with both legs through one leg opening. Of course she isn't really interested in accepting any help either.
Verbally, Maimie's progress is slow, but she continues to participate in speech therapy twice each month. In two weeks, Maimie will be evaluated in the Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate Clinic at Easter Seals. There is still talk that a pharyngeal flap surgery may be necessary at some point in the future in order for her to make consonant sounds.

It is just so apparent to us that God truly chose Maimie for our family. I don't pretend to know or understand the pain and agony that went into her birthparents' decision to bring her to the gate of the welfare institute early on that December morning in 2005. The information we have about how she was found leads me to believe that it was a very difficult and heart-wrenching decision. Their pain and loss has become our joy and gain. But I do believe that God knew and orchestrated the circumstances in two very different countries, for two sets of parents, linking us forever in our love for one amazing child.


Jeff and Amy said...

Monica, sounds like things are going great, I am so happy for you guys. Maimie is so sweet and is starting to look like a big girl, where does the time go? I notice more and more Lily is losing her baby features, but it brings us to another whole set of new adventures!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Steve. Wow, 45 huh? So good to have the Monday family over to celebrate Steve's birthday tonight. It is good to see Maimie go through the same stages as her three siblings...dressing herself, singing and dancing, etc. Enjoyed reading books to Maimie today! All four of our grandkids like books!!
Anxious to find out the results of her Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate evaluation this week. May God continue to bless each of you!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

A 5 time mom said...

She is such a cutie. I hope you get good results when you take her for her evaluation on her lip and palate.


Anonymous said...

Monica, I'm always interested in hearing about your life. Take care! Maureen and Josef in Wisconsin