Monday, November 26, 2007

Deck the Halls

Mikaela, Maimie (with some attitude), Jacob, and Joseph

Our family tradition is to go cut the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving each year and decorate the tree and the outside of the house. This year Maimie was running a fever and vomiting, so for the first time in forever we didn't get our tree that day. By Saturday morning Maimie was feeling quite chipper, so we bundled everyone up (against their wishes, of course), put the wreath on the front of the suburban, and grabbed a couple of saws.
It was really a beautiful morning, and we enjoyed the brisk walk out to the spot at the Christmas tree farm where they keep the douglas firs. Once we had spotted the perfect tree and everyone had voted, Dad started the cut.

The smell was unbelievable. Jacob, Joseph, and Mikaela all took turns sawing until it finally fell over. The older kids dragged the tree to the path while Maimie toddled along behind waving and greeting everyone. We hauled our tree up onto the tractor and rode back to pay for it. By evening we were ready for the traditional homemade pizza meal and some tree trimming. The older kids enjoyed unwrapping the ornaments and sharing their memories of each one. I found a couple of "oldies" from our first Christmas back in 1990. Yikes!

Maimie thoroughly enjoyed the decorating. I would give her an ornament, and she would show everyone, try to put it on the tree, get daddy to help her, clap, and dance around awhile before coming to get another. Some of the ornaments needed a big wet smooch before she would hang them. Others required much touching and tweaking both before and after hanging. A few found their way onto the floor and were hung again.

Then Maimie decided to have daddy lift her up so she could hang everything higher. We ended our evening by watching the movie "Elf" by the light of the Christmas tree.


Mike + Vickey Lanan said...

How exciting for you to share your Christmas traditions with Maimie. She will love them and look forward to them like the other 3 have every year! I could almost smell the pine while reading your commentary! Christmas morning should really be fun this year! Loved the video clip! Have a wonderful whole month of December and a Merry Christmas!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

lilymakes5 said...

Oh, Monica how sweet!!! I just love seeing Miss Maimie so happy:) Isn't so much fun to finally have the girls home for Christmas, what a blessing.