Monday, October 15, 2007

Party On!

Blowing out the fortune cookie candles

I just wanted to share a few photos of Maimie's party Saturday evening. The weather held out for us so we were able to be out in the yard to celebrate. This was good considering the size of our house. We would have liked to have invited so many more people to help us celebrate, but felt we needed to limit the numbers in case we were forced to try to hold the party inside.

We had homemade Chinese lanterns and a Chinese dragon decorating the fence behind the food table. Maimie's birthday balloons were embellished with Chinese "happiness" symbols, and we had a bib made with the Chinese symbol "love" and her name on it. Are you starting to sense a theme?

I painted the symbols for "Guo Zhen" (Maimie's given Chinese name) on her shirt and tugged on the last pair of squeaky shoes that still fit (barely!).
We started our evening with takeout Chinese food, complete with chopsticks and fortune cookies.
For dessert, we enjoyed two birthday cakes and ice cream.

Fortune cookie cake

Cheongsam (Chinese dress) cake

Maimie played with the other kids and then unwrapped some presents. She had so much fun! Our evening ended with Maimie giving kisses to everyone to thank them for coming.


Mike + Vickey Lanan said...

We had a blast at Maimie's birthday party as well as all the others in attendance. We always look forward to finding out the theme of the party. Monica is so creative and always thinks of the little details to make the kids' parties so special.
The food was great, the cakes were beautiful and delicious and the fellowship we all enjoyed with each other was very memorable.
Maimie is such a wonder to behold!
Happy Birthday Maimie!!!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa

A 5 time mom said...

Wow, I cannot believe she is 2 already. Love the cake! What a creative party. Sounds like a lot of fun for everyone. Happy Birthday, Maimie.