Sunday, August 12, 2007

Joseph's 9th birthday

Joseph with his cake

On Friday, 10 August, big brother Joseph turned 9 years old. We celebrated with an army birthday party at home. We had a shooting range, obstacle course, water grenades, silly string wars, and some pool time. What fun!

Friends and family

Jacob taking aim

Maimie and Joseph

On Saturday, 11 August, Maimie turned 22 months old. Before we know it she'll be celebrating her 2nd birthday (but her 1st birthday home with her family). She loves playing outdoors even in the extreme heat. I guess she's used to the tropical weather in Beiliu City. She gets cuter every day and her big sister and brothers are so good with her.

Our brown-eyed girl

We can hardly believe the summer is coming to an end. School starts on 22 August this year. Joseph will start at the grade school, and both Mikaela and Jacob will attend the junior high. Wow, does that ever make a mom feel old...
Dad rigged a fountain into our backyard pool yesterday. It really cools the water down and feels great at this point in the summer. It's around 100 degrees out today. Maimie enjoys the pool, but isn't fond of the water from the fountain dropping on her head.

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Mike + Vickey Lanan said...

Hard to believe Joseph is already 9 years old!!! What a great party-always such fun parties with wonderful ideas! The kids always have a great time.
Time certainly does go quickly. Hard to believe it has been ?? years since our little girl was born!!! Happy birthday tomorrow Monica!!
Always enjoy the photos of the events of the Monday family!!
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa