Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Palate check up

Yesterday Maimie went to visit Dr. Hansen. We had noticed some food still coming out of her nose every once in a while, but thought maybe it had travelled up the back of her throat. As it turns out, there is actually a hole in the tissue between the hard and soft palate areas. According to the doctor, it is not in an area that normally you would expect to have any trouble. We will just continue to be careful with what she puts in her mouth and have her rechecked in 2 weeks. The doctor hopes it will heal some more, but did mention the possibility of repairing the opening in 6 months.
Meanwhile, Maimie has picked up more signs, but has stopped vocalizing as much as she did previously. Her signs include milk, eat, more, all done, please, and Daddy. She shakes her head yes and no, and grabs her nose while wrinkling up her face if she has a dirty diaper. Her walking has become more steady and faster, but she still falls occasionally. She shows her temper by yelling at whoever displeases her at the moment. Sometimes when she is irritated with me she will look at me and yank the bow out of her hair and throw it down. We have 3 remote controls for our tv and equipment. However, we have to get up and manually change channels since Maimie has fiddled with them and we can't get them to work any more.
Her sleep cycle has been difficult lately. She went for 3 nights sleeping in her crib all night. Then she refused to be set down even after she is dead asleep day or night. Since her older sister and brothers have to get up for school and are in earshot, she ends up in our bed awhile. I wait until she falls asleep before transferring her back to the crib, but sometimes that doesn't work.

Bath time is usually a lot of fun for Maimie, but since her surgery it hasn't been fun for her or for her dad. She screams and carries on for ridiculous amounts of time. I have to quickly shower in the other bathroom while she is being bathed, because I don't get a break from her from that point on in the evening.
I wish I had read more on the adoption transition time before living it. I was naive to think that because I had parented 3 other children that things would be similar with an adopted child. Eventually we will move past this transitional phase and things will be more like the normal parenting we are used to handling. But in some ways we do have to treat her differently now. There are issues that have to be taken into account and allowances to be made. Unfortunately I think we have made some mistakes, but in general Maimie seems happy most of the time. I hope that counts a little for something.


Anonymous said...

This too shall pass. Maimie sounds a lot like Kaci was when we brought her home. Very clingy even at bed time. It took her a really long time to adjust even at 11 months old. But it did pass. She is still clingy at 7 years old, but she does act like any other child. Sleeps at night etc.
Kaci had trouble breathing when layng down, that was why she would not sleep. We propped her and that did the trick for a while.
Take care and keep on what you are doing. Each child is different even in adoption.

Shannon B

Anonymous said...

It will take some time, you're right. I know we felt like it was at least 6 mos before we really started to get in a routine with Abby. Maime is so sweet and precious, I'm so glad I got to meet her a couple weeks ago. I think of you often but know you are busy ... please let me know if you ever need a shoulder! :-)

Lisa S

Mike & Vickey Lanan said...

When Maimie seems so clingy and wants to be held constantly try to remember all the months and years you were waiting for her and aching to hold her!! Thanks for explaining so much to me the other day on the phone--having never experienced adoption it is hard to comprehend some of the concepts you have to implement. God will give you the wisdom and the ability to handle this little "bump in the road" too!
Maimie is such a beautiful little girl and it is so sad that she is still grieving the loss of her caretakers in the orphanage but realize that is one of the steps in the process. One of these days everything will click and she will realize you will always be there for her. We will continue to pray for all of you to adjust. So glad she is signing and before you know it she will be talking! Can't wait for her to talk on the phone someday when I call you!
Love the photos of Maimie sitting on the front porch steps with her little bare feet and the one with her white Chinese dress at the piano. Before you know it, she will be taking piano lessons too.
We will also pray that the Lord will heal the hole in her palate.
In Christian Love,
Grandma & Grandpa
(Mom & Dad)

A 5 time mom said...

Maimie is adorable and sounds so much like Lana....the fits...but happy most of the time. Don't fret about your yesterdays and just concentrate on what you are doing today.