Monday, April 09, 2007

Maimie's Easter


Maimie had a very successful ear tube placement last week. She enjoyed having Mikaela take her for a wagon ride in the halls of the outpatient surgery department. Not a peep was heard when she awoke from the anesthesia. She just looked around. It has been interesting getting the tiny little ear plugs in her ears for her bath, but normally that's Dad's time with Maimie. She did seem to hear better right away after the tubes. She tried to say milk for the first time. It sounded like "mi" with a short i sound. She also started pointing at the lights and after I said light, she put her tongue slightly out and made a "l" sound. I know it doesn't seem like much, but we rejoice with each new improvement. She can sign for "more", but stubbornly refuses sometimes with her eyes closed. Same thing happens with milk now too. Sometimes it's amazing how like her siblings she really is!

We are still struggling with sleep issues. Maimie wants to be a night owl. Some nights I can't get her to sleep and in the crib until 11:00pm or later. She hates the crib and won't go in there if she's awake. She sleeps a few hours and then wakes up crying. I bring her in our bed so the other kids can sleep. Sometimes Steve can't calm her at all and occasionally I can't either. She is still teething, so that could be contributing to the sleeplessness. We don't know if it is the adjustment or something else, but many mornings 6:30am comes way too early for Mom. During the daytime I usually let her fall asleep in my arms then lay her on a quilt on the living room or playroom floor.

Last week she was evaluated for her developmental stage in social, verbal, and physical development. She apparently is at about a 12-14 month level for each of these areas. Maimie is walking all over, dancing, changing directions, getting back up from any postion. She still falls alot, but is getting faster, too. Sometimes when I wash her up from eating and stand her down on the kitchen floor, it seems to be only a second or two and I can hear the piano in the next room. She loves to bang on it and sometimes sits with her older siblings on the bench to play.

This was Maimie's first Easter with us, so it was fun to watch her. She managed to find some of the lower eggs hidden for the big kids. I did buy her a little basket with her own package of Disney princess eggs. I filled them with her Cheerios, and she loved munching on her stash. Of course I insisted (as I do every year) on the whole family color-coordinating for Easter Sunday morning. Maimie liked wearing her little white gloves and carrying her little purse. During church she lifted the hem of her flouncy little dress and put it over her face to look through it. How cute!

This week is going to be a big one for Maimie. On Wednesday, she turns 18 months old. On Thursday, she is having her cleft palate surgery. I'm very apprehensive about how the days after her surgery will go. Normally she soothes herself by sucking on her finger and thumb, but I assume that will not be allowed following the surgery. Staying in the hospital for a few days may also be a disruption in the attachment process for our family. Please pray for Maimie and her pain management on Thursday and the days following.


Mike & Vickey Lanan said...

What cute photos. She certainly did look pretty in her Easter dress. We saw her sign for more--how cute! The development is pretty much on track considering all she has been through in her 18 months! We will be praying for her cleft surgery and the pain management. Possibly she will be so glad to be home after her hospital stay that her crib will be a welcome sight?!
In Christian Love,
Mom & Dad (Grandma & Grandpa)

Anonymous said...

Very cute photos of Maimie! Good luck on the palate surgery! You might want to touch base with Nilda, Madison had her palate repaired not long ago. We will be thinking about you both!
Kole has another Eval tomorrow in Chicago. All day thing.
Hang in there!

Shannon Bringolf

Sheila Allen said...

Enjoyed the photos of all of the Monday children in their Easter outfits! We will be thinking about Maimie and praying for her Thursday! Love, Aunt Sheila

A 5 time mom said...

what a gorgeous family......praying for Maimie and the surgery and that all will go smoothly for surgery and recovery.