Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Some Improvements

Maimie with her plastic bacon

Looking inside the chocolate milk container

Maimie is doing so well. While we acknowledge some developmental delays, we also are seeing steady improvements with her in every area. Her little legs didn't seem very strong when we met her, but now she loves to stand unsupported. She can cruise around furniture and walk holding our fingers. Over the weekend, she started taking steps unassisted, with a record of 3 steps so far. She thrills herself with her ability and just laughs and wrinkles her nose at herself. When she gets ready to walk, she closes her eyes as though she can't bear to look.
Her language is not coming as fast, but we are seeing some changes. She can say, "mama". At first she said it, but didn't relate it to me. This past week she started holding her hands up to be picked up by me while saying it. Sometimes she looks over at me and says it. She tries to say "dada", but the open palate makes the sound come out sounding a little different sometimes. She seems to understand when we shake our heads no and say "no". She actually stops doing what ever we tell her no about. She tries to say "hi" but is having trouble relating it to a wave. She knows her name and gives her attention to us when we say it. Sometimes she pats her chest when I say it. She knows her tongue and sticks it out when we ask her where it is.
Maimie eats most table foods mashed a little or cut up. She generally eats until we stop feeding things to her. She is drinking mostly from a cup, but occasionally from a bottle when I'm afraid she isn't getting enough. Her formula requires a tablespoon or so of rice cereal, as she chokes on thin liquids. Food occasionally comes out of her nose, but usually only if she sneezes.

Maimie at the play kitchen Mikaela and I repainted for her

Maimie is adapting to her environment and to all of the members of her family better each day.
She absolutely loves music and dances when she hears it. When her sister and brothers play the piano, she wants to go see which one is playing and then dances around. One of our favorite Maimie tricks is her monkey mouth. She purses her lips and sticks them out so funny. She tries to make a serious face, then bursts out laughing. What a ham!

Happy girl


Beckie said...

I am glad to hear that your precious daughter is settling in so nicely. I hope we can get together soon and have a playdate with our little ones.

Mike & Vickey Lanan said...

What a delightful litte girl God chose for your family! It is wonderful how well she has adapted to her new life and how well she is advancing in her walking and talking. She definitely has a great sense of humor! Keep the blog going! We love it! Can't wait to see her again and witness all these new tricks for ourselves.
In Christian Love,
Mom & Dad (Grandma & Grandpa)

Dana Stuber said...

So glad you are already seeing advances in her development. Now she is in a family, God's design for children. I'm confident she will flourish! Dana Stuber

Anonymous said...

Maimie is the cutest! It sounds like she is doing great...language will take a while but one day, the language will explode and she will be talking nonstop! :) God bless you all! Mel :)

dleventhal said...

I stumbled across your blog while trying to find information on Beiliu City Welfare Institute. My wife & I are in the process of adopting little Guo Xiao Xia from that orphanage. Hope to travel in May or June. As I read through your blog I was reminded of how great the Lord is in giving us the adoption process as a means of growing us as His adopted children. Good stuff.

Congrats on your beautiful daughter!

- David Leventhal

Caroline said...

Hello Mondays!

We can relate to the different sound that Maimie makes. Jack's palate is quite open, so his sounds come out different. Don't know about Maimie, but it doesn't keep Jack from laughing loudly.

Do you have any news on possible surgeries? We head to our first Shriner's meeting in a few weeks.


PS - Thanks again for the e-tickets :)