Thursday, February 08, 2007

Last Day in Nanning

It's Friday afternoon here. We're so happy to be seeing so many interesting sights while here in Nanning. Yesterday we toured Qing Xiu Mountain. It was such a lovely area. The weather was a little cooler and humid with fog. At the top of the mountain we viewed a temple. It was so strange. There were several large statues. There were large carts with incense burning. Fruits and flowers decorated the altars in front of the statues. We saw one gentleman come in the open temple area, grab a fist full of incense sticks, and wave them 3 times in front of himself with a half bow.
Down a little farther, we stopped at a Thai pagoda. It had beautiful tiles and carvings. It symbolized the good relationship between China and Thailand. The vegetation was just amazing. It's such a neat tropical climate with unusual plants and trees, many of which have chinese characters carved into them.
The next stop was a huge 10 story pagoda. We climbed to the very top up a winding staircase. The kids counted 220 steps. What a workout, but the view was so worthwhile.

Today we spent more time at the park. It is so beautiful and we had many performances to see today. We have been spending a couple of hours each afternoon in the hotel room watching The Waltons dvds while Maimie naps. The kids just love them now, and the only English channel is National Geographic.


Mike & Vickey Lanan said...

What an incredible experience for all of you. The detail they put into every building and garden must be breathtaking. So glad the weather is so nice and you are able to be out and about enjoying the sights and sounds & smells. Glad everyone is enjoying the DVD's. Sounds like Maimie is going to be a good sleeper. Have been following your itinerary and knew you would be leaving for Guangzhou soon. Can't wait to hear your report on the White Swan and everything about the island. Have a feeling there will be a lot of shopping while you are there too!!! Any squeaky shoes yet? Thank you for the updates.
In Christian Love,
Mom & Dad (Grandma & Grandpa)

Rachel said...

My grandma has the Waltons too I love them also. They are such good shows and have GREAT lessons that we can all learn. Sounds like you all are having a great time. Miss and love you all.