Tuesday, February 06, 2007


About 8:40 in the morning we left to do final paper work. We had to meet and be interviewed by a couple different Chinese government officials. To be honest I don't remember their titles (I'll update this post later after I find out).

The first interview was the most significant as it actually was the interview and ceremony where Maimie officially became ours. I'm going to try to recollect the questions.

We walked into a austerely furnished office with a large, black desk positioned prominently at the center of the room. On the desk was a small flag stand featuring both the Chinese flag and the flag of the Soviet Union. The official, a young women probably in her early thirties walked into the room and seated herself behind the desk. Monica and I were seated immediately in front of the desk. Maimie's nannys, the orphanage director and Echo were standing to our left slightly behind us.

She asked a number of questions:

1) Why did you decide to adopt a "special" (referring to Maimie's cleft condition I believe although she's quite special for a variety of reasons) girl?

While for us God's leading through this process played a huge part in our deciding to adopt I decided to focus on the more human, tangible aspects of our motivation and answered that "we loved kids and wanted to give a girl with a need a great life."

2) Will you ever let her disease effect your love for her?


3) Will you ever abuse her?


4) I see that you both work. How will you find the time for all your children and this new daughter?

Wow a probing, insightful question indeed. We told her that Monica stopped working after the birth of our first child (Mikaela) and now stays home. She gave us a big smile said "good" and busily wrote some notes.

5) Are you happy with your new daughter?

Yes, very.

6) Are your current children accepting her?


7) Do your children live "harmoniously" together?


Actually our kids do get along well for the most part. However, a conflict did break out immediately upon return to the hotel over who got to hold Maimie more.

8) She said "education is important", will you promise to educate her?

Yes, our community has a wonderful school.

9) Why did you decide to adopt a child from China?

"We've always admired Chinese culture".

I wanted to say more but I didn't think the account of how God led us through a number of experiences and circumstances that finally culminated in a Chinese adoption decision would connect with her so I stopped at that.

She then concluded by pronouncing the adoptive relationship to be complete and I believe wished us a happy life/family.



Mike & Vickey Lanan said...

Thanks, Steve, for some insight into the process you went through. This post didn't come up but I was going back through the blog and came across this one. You are right, sometimes we have to just answer the questions asked and not elaborate our Christian faith and values. Sad, but true. We know you will make wonderful parents to Maimie as you are to Mikaela, Jacob and Joseph. I can just imagine the anticipation each of them were experiencing in wanting to finally touch and hold that long-awaited baby sister. You and Monica have waited too and I know there probably just isn't enough of Maimie to go around some times!!!! Thank you for keeping us updated on your trip of a lifetime to bring Maimie "home".
In Christian Love,
Mike & Vickey (Grandpa & Grandma)

Caroline said...


Since we will be in the exact same spot, answering the same questions (in only two weeks) - I really appreciate the information.