Saturday, February 10, 2007


Peoples Park in Nanning City

Maimie the movie star

In front of the Nanning Zoo

Kids with Echo in sunflower patch at zoo

Today was mostly spent traveling to Guangzhou. We left shortly after breakfast to meet our driver and Echo to head for the Nanning Airport. It was somewhat bittersweet to be leaving Maimie's province. We have so enjoyed the experiences in Nanning and will never forget this wonderful region. Maimie did so well on her first plane ride and managed to sleep for nearly the whole hour of the flight.
The White Swan is all I imagined and more. What a neat hotel to be able to experience for the last half of our stay in China. We will take some photos tomorrow to post. It's situated in a nice quiet area of Shaiman Island. There are all kinds of lovely shops that I hope to patronize soon and often. This evening we ate at Lucy's for some cheeseburgers and french fries and fried chicken strips and onion rings. It tasted great after missing lunch due to our flight being delayed. As the evening grew dark, we walked along the Pearl River looking at all of the lights and decorations. We are finding out that more people speak some English here than in Nanning. It should make things much easier over the next few days.
I did find out some interesting information as well. Guo Zhen's nanny told me that she had been fond of one of the other children. She said his name is Guo Zhong. (Mo in Wisconsin, I hope you read this!) He has a bilateral cleft, and has not been repaired yet--I had Echo check for me. How sweet that I've spoken with his mommy to be!
Last evening, Maimie had her first bath that didn't include weeping and gnashing of teeth. She actually splashed and didn't want to be taken out of the tub.
She has 4 bottom teeth and 2 top. One of the top teeth is crooked and just as cute as can be. Also, she is cutting at least one more tooth on top. She has drool on everything all of the time. Her little feet are so cute and fat that they look just like Flinstone feet! I wish I would have brought some pink nail polish for her little toes. She is just starting to let Steve and the boys interact with her a little bit. Everything she does is just so cute and marvelous and amazing. We see more of her personality each day and she is so onery. She smiles continually and makes us all smile too. We just can't get enough of her--she's absolutely edible, as my friend Dana would say.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer and I just read your last blog and saw the neat family pictures you took. They will be priceless in the future for all of you. Now it will be interesting to visit and explore a new city. I love little fat baby feet!!! Hugs and kisses to the whole family.
Jennifer and Darlene Ringwald

Mike & Vickey said...

Great photos again!!! Maimie gets cuter in every photo. Mikaela, Jacob and Joseph look like they are loving their time in China also. I could detect the 2 teeth on top and only noticed 2 on bottom--how cute!! Monica, you will need some squeaky shoes for those cute chubby feet!!! I have a feeling Maimie will have polish on her fingernails and toenails as soon as she gets to Tremont--a color to match every outfit!!! I was glad to hear you found Lucy's right away!!! Hopefully everyone will do well on the flight home!!! So glad you were able to get info about Gho Zhong! That is great!!! I know you made one future Mommy very happy!!! Monica, you go girl!!!! Shop, shop, shop!!! Imagine Mikaela will be right beside you too!!! Keep reminding Steve you will only be there once and you need to keep the economy going!!!! So glad Maimie is such a little charmer!!! Can't wait to see her in person!!!
In Christian Love,
Mom & Dad (Grandma & Grandpa)

Jennifer said...

Loved hearing about your trip and your time in Nanning! We thought it was a neat city. Loved the frogger video. SO perfectly true! Enjoy the rest of China and what it has to offer.

Jennifer S
MOm to Guangxi girl, Anna YanYi

Beckie's Life's Lessons said...

hey all....it is so fun to see your daughter and to hear about your trip and to hear all the love you have for your new little one. Cannot wait to get the girls together to play one of these days.