Sunday, February 04, 2007

Getting ready for Maimie

The boys fell asleep yesterday on the ride from the airport to the hotel. They were so beat! Our guide, Echo, was amazing. She was so friendly and efficient. It was nice to be in such good hands. She even went to get us some pizza hut pizza for supper when we were too tired to walk to find it. The boys slept through supper despite our failed attempt to sit them up and force them to eat. Mikaela and I ate, showered, and went straight to bed at 7:30pm. We all got a much better night's sleep and everyone was up by 5:ooam or so. Our hotel serves breakfast in a large dining room. They had so many things to choose from. Salads, fruits, rolls, muffins, bacon, sausage, congee, noodles, potato patties, rice flour pancakes with pork, spring rolls, and cool juice. We all drank a ton, so happy to have something other than room temperature bottled water. The boys grabbed chopsticks and dug right in. Mikaela, Steve, and I opted for a fork and decided chinese food tastes great that way too. A large table near us had 4 or 5 adoptive Dutch families and their beautiful babies. It seemed so removed from us. But I guess tomorrow we will be the main attraction struggling with our little one at the table. And that brings me to our photo. It was so odd to walk into our hotel yesterday and see a beautiful little pink crib with pink pillow and blanket. We can't believe our day is finally here. It is about 9:30am here and we meet Maimie around 3:00pm. The kids are wild and need to get out of our rooms, so we are heading out to a park for awhile.


Mike & Vickey Lanan said...

Just returned from evening church and read your new post. Pastor Paul prayed for you and the entire church is lifting you up in prayer. How exciting that in just a few hours Maimie will be sleeping in that little pink crib. Can't believe the boys slept through pizza--they must have been beat. So glad everyone is doing okay and enjoying the breakfast buffet. We can only imagine the excitement in the air while you wait for your appointment to meet Maimie. Will check your blog as soon as we get up tomorrow morning hoping to see a photo of Maimie with her forever family.
In Christian Love,
Mom & Dad (Grandma & Grandpa)

Caroline said...


Although we've never met, I appreciate seeing Naning through your eyes. At the end of Feb. we will be making the same trip with LL. Its good to see that you can blog from the hotel. We are leaving our son at home, so we will want to communicate with family and friends.

So many other LL families are praying for a wonderful day.



Doug, Ruth and tennis team said...

Hi Monica & Steve and family. Monica's mom shared your info with us. Been praying for you all and Maimie. It's great to see your pix and "see" a bit of Hong Kong again. All our love.

Gina said...

Monica -

I am so thankful to get to follow your journey. You have been and will continue to be in my prayers.

Gina D.

Anonymous said...

Hello Steve,

I am glad to see you in China to adopt a lovely girl. The best wishes to you and your family. Have nice trip in China.

Calvin wu