Friday, January 26, 2007

Travel Itinerary

Well, everything seems to be going according to plan for our upcoming travel. Our itinerary is as follows:

Feb. 2 (9:20am)----- leave Peoria airport
Feb. 3 (5:55pm)----- arrive in Hong Kong
Feb.4 (2:10pm)------ fly to Nanning
Feb.4 (3:15)--------- arrive at Nanning airport
Feb.5 (2:40pm)----- travel to Civil Affairs Dept. to meet Maimie
Feb.6 (8:40am)----- adoption registration, notarization, passport
Feb.8 (pm)-----------notarized documents collected
Feb.9 (pm)-----------Maimie's passport collected
Feb.10 (am)--------- fly to Guangzhou
Feb.12 (am)--------- Maimie's medical checkup
Feb.13 (11:00am)-- Visa application submitted
Feb.14 (3:00pm)--- travel to US Consulate for visa ceremony
Feb.15 (9:15am)---- travel to Guangzhou train station
Feb.15 (10:55am)-- train to Hong Kong
Feb.15 (12:40pm)-- arrive in Hong Kong
Feb.16 (11:35am)-- leave Hong Kong airport
Feb.17 (2:06pm)--- arrive at Peoria airport


Mike & Vickey Lanan said...

Your dream is finally becoming a reality! Our greatest desire is to see all 6 Monday's come through the gate at Peoria Airport! We will pray for safety, good health, no glitches, etc. for you this coming week and all through your travel time. We love each of you!
In Christian Love,
Grandpa & Grandma

Anonymous said...

Hey Monday Family!!!! We are so excited for you, you will be holding your precious baby girl before you know it..keep us posted. Love, Candi

Beckie's Life's Lessons said...

Oh so happy for you that finally you are on your way to your little girl. I know you must be so excited and can't wait to see her in your arms, finally.

mjuch said...

Yes! We will be praying for you on your adventure.