Saturday, November 11, 2006

What's in a name?

We now have one more picture of our precious girl that I just had to post! Her chinese name Guo Zhen has been translated too. Chinese names begin with the last name. So, Guo is her last name (surname) and often the same surname is given to all of the babies in a particular welfare institution. Zhen is her first name. I believe that the "Zh" is pronounced as a "j" sound. Zhen means "pearl, treasure or something precious, valuable." How very appropriate that her name sums up our feelings towards our daughter. We intend to keep this very special Chinese name as a part of the new name that we choose for her.


Susy Q said...

My name is Susanna and I am fifteen years old. I noticed you are adopting- so are we! (But from Ethiopia- my blog, if you're interested, is http://www.bigsisdiaries.blogspot.com)Your little girl is beautiful...I'm looking forward to reading more! Good luck!

Beckie's Life's Lessons said...

Hey Monica,

She is cute and I know you must be so anxious to get over there and bring her home.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Monica you said with her name we have chosen?? Does the sweet little Monday have a name?

I just love looking at her she is just precious!!