Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dear Birthmother letter

We've decided to pursue the domestic adoption option first. Today we mailed our "dear birthmother" letter to Christian Adoption. We have a new email address and a toll-free number for interested birthmothers to contact us. Our picture and information are listed on the internet on Christian Adoption's website with other prospective parents. I pray that the Lord will bring into our lives the birthmom that He has chosen to give life to our daughter. I pray for this woman's safety and health, her peace of mind with her decision, and for God's perfect timing. Also, I pray for God to supply me with the wisdom to know how to handle each step along the way in this whole process. Perhaps our daughter will be home soon! www.christianadoption.com

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Kahzumi said...

Are those the boys 5 years ago? Aha! They're so cute. XD And Mikaela looks so angelic here!